Chris Cringo is an African American Rapper/Artist/Producer/Engineer/Song Writer/ Beat Maker, ETC from Milwaukee WI. Anything you name he does musically. Chris Cringo always had a passion for music even as a little kid. When he was younger he always wanted to go the studio with his older brother Luwi P but he would never let him because "he was to young". At that point Cringo just started writing lyrics on paper in school and out of school. No matter where he was at all he did was rap.  Him and his dad built him his own studio when he was in high school because he got tired of paying for studio time from other producers and not being able to put his ideas down when he wanted too. He wanted to be a rapper but when he built his studio that's when he became an Engineer and a rapper. Not knowing how to Mix he taught himself how to mix and master on his own vocals and songs. When people started to hear his music they started to ask who engineered his songs and that's when he started selling studio time out his studio in his moms basement. Eventually one thing led to another and he started to learn how to make beats and its been over ever since. He started his Label SoIconicEnt. in 2011 and still running but we have other brands as well Like 212 ICONS.